At Pembroke A.G. we believe in reaching the community in ways that are beneficial and useful.

Food Pantry -

We currently collect nonperishable food items, as well as, items for babies (diapers, food) and deliver them weekly to our local food pantry.


Living Free group -

Our Pastor has a heart for those who are broken and hurting. "Broken people fix broken people." Pembroke AG has a weekly group on Monday's at 7pm that offers support and encouragement for those who may be weighed down by issues of everyday life. We all go through seasons of difficulty, no need to walk through those times alone. FAITH will pick you up. HOPE will carry you forward. LOVE will heal you. Learn to live free...


AWAKENING WEEKEND! POSTPONED until further notice!


Drs Jerry and Sherill Piscopo from Roseville Michigan, Evangel Christian Churches, a weekend of Spiritual Awakening!


This promises to be a time of refreshing, inner healing and prophetic words!
More information at 781-826-2247 or