What do you see?


Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;  2 Thessalonians 2:3


I’ve been in ministry now for over 30 years and I’m waiting for revival. Since I have repented of my rebellion and accepted the Lordship of Jesus I have witnessed the “falling away” Paul spoke of.


I admit that in the 70’s and 80’s the Holy Spirit was obvious in authentic evangelical churches, but today I don’t believe He is able to bless as He did then. Sure, there is enthusiastic worship through praise and creative presentations of the Gospel message, but I don’t think I see sincerely devoted saints.


Now please understand that I am aware that there are pockets of dynamic Holy Spirit experiences, but they are fewer and further in between then a couple of decades ago. I also agree that from the pulpit these souls are hearing sound Biblical teaching, but it seems that the “well I believe” virus is spreading faster.


So called Christians are about broadcasting their new found faith and yet other than their words, nothing else seems to change. They focus on the creature comforts such as,” God wants us to _________ “, and anything that enhances this worldly life. God doesn’t want His people to suffer but to prosper and be healthy.


Someone visited Pembroke Assembly for a couple of weeks and said they were blessed and welcomed. They declared how the worship, praise and the Word were exciting and refreshing. After a Sunday evening service I got to speak with this person and adjust some of these exaggerations and we haven’t seen them since.


It was a pleasant conversation, but I pointed out that, yes, life is greatly improved by being a child of God and disciple of Christ, but that we should remember that Jesus told us that there would be tribulation and persecution. I shared how many wonderful Saints suffer with illness that isn’t the result of sin or a lack of faith, using Paul as well as the Apostles as illustrations. They seemed to listen and understand, but their absence reveals their rejection of the truth.


Now please don’t miss understand me, I believe in divine healing and have witnessed and experienced it. I can also give testimony of miracles, truly authentic miracles. But I don’t remember any of them not preceded by a trial or tribulation. In fact, if they aren’t preceded by jeopardy or struggle they don’t qualify as a miracle.


Additionally, I meet more and more people that the Lord sends me to “witness” too, that tell me they already are “saved”. They declare that they “prayed the prayer of faith”. But their conduct, attitude and vocabulary display otherwise. It seems to me that a significant portion of this pseudo revival is a revival of composite Christianity. But that’s not authentic Christianity. Their faith has become part of their life when it is to be the source of their life.


Well, if you tell people what they want to hear you can fill stadiums and “a man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest”. If that is the case in your soul, you have missed the point and the purpose. Christians are devoted disciples of Jesus Christ, hence Christians, and they realize that the greatest reward and benefit is a vibrant and intimate relationship with God.


In the very beginning God said “let us make man in our image”. That process didn’t stop or wasn’t completed in the garden. Once we recognize reality and confess that we are sinners, souls who have rebelled against God, and are willing to repent and now accept God as our God, we will change. We will change because as He forgives us when we ask Him too, He, the Holy Spirit enters into us and continues the “making” into God’s image. That being Jesus!


If that’s not happening in you, why not?  Maybe because you’re not allowing it. God can do anything, including tolerating our wicked hearts, He will not violate you, you have freewill always and can do as you please, but please remember that there is an eternity and you are now in it. The choice you make is:  will you enjoy it or regret it. You choose.


I wonder if you heard what you should have heard, or have you disregarded it?!


~ Pastor Joe, About Father’s business, loving souls!