Are you Searching for a Church?

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There are many reasons for making changes in your life.  Changes in your career, housing and even in your Church.  Some of you need to find a Church for the first time, while others are feeling that the Lord would have you move along.

Many wonder how to go about this search.  What is to be considered?  How do I proceed?  How should I select?

First and foremost, you should pray and ask the Lord for guidance. 

We always encourage people to visit a church three times, before making a decision. Many times a first visit is a bit overwhelming, everything is new. You may be visiting during a time when a guest speaker is visiting. To know a church, the congregation, and especially the heart of the Pastor, please visit three times.

We welcome everyone at Pembroke A.G., just as you are perfectly and wonderfully made by our Lord and Savior!